I make content

for people. Not search engines

Our digit­al times are all about “optim­isa­tion” – of everything from all-per­vas­ive pro­cesses through to people and machines. Words them­selves even get crushed by optim­isa­tion. A prime example is SEO. A whole host of agen­cies and experts make use of Search Engine-Optim­ised con­tent. The res­ult­ing copy often sounds stil­ted and imper­son­al or can even be styl­ist­ic­ally and gram­mat­ic­ally wrong. Search engines have no prob­lems with this, but read­ers cer­tainly do. In the worst case they will remain one-time read­ers or vis­it­ors to a site or blog. It is unlikely they will ever return.
Which is why I write for people and not for search engines. Each text should always be writ­ten as an indi­vidu­al piece. Whatever the dic­tates of digit­al­isa­tion.


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