Last, but not least

Point of view

The digit­al world is chan­ging. Daily, hourly, every minute, every second. This rep­res­ents a highly reward­ing chal­lenge for me as a journ­al­ist. Yet it doesn’t mean jump­ing unques­tion­ingly onto every new band­wag­on that comes along. This applies in par­tic­u­lar to the nev­erend­ing stream of new social media sen­sa­tions and the caco­phon­ous excesses of the Inter­net. My philo­sophy is there­fore: Less is some­times more. Which is why I have decided to keep this page clear and simple. My guid­ing prin­ciple is: Whatever works. This allows me to spend time research­ing top­ics in a mean­ing­ful way and to find answers to the key ques­tions and chal­lenges of our time – the urb­an issues.


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