Ideas, Research, Con­tent

My ser­vices range from brain­storm­ing and research to writ­ing, copy­writ­ing as well as edit­or­i­al and journ­al­ist­ic work.

Ideas and concepts

My ideas and con­cepts – the basis for good con­tent.

Individual research

I con­duct research on everything from data moun­tains to fake news.

The world is my oyster

My focus: I do research con­duc­ted in the field, world­wide.

Content creation

I write journ­al­ist­ic con­tent, white­pa­pers, blog art­icles & more.

My passion

I stand for hon­esty and qual­ity as a copy­writer, edit­or and journ­al­ist.

Driven by conviction

My ideas, my way of writ­ing: crit­ic­al, con­struct­ive.

Let’s stay in touch


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